Fears and Phobias can be extremely debilitating, a fear of heights or enclosed spaces amongst many others, can have a negative effect on our every day lives.

Our minds can be re programmed to react to fear, or strong emotions generated when we encounter real danger by activating our flight or fight response – a reaction designed to ensure our survival in hostile environments.

A phobia is created when our mind generates a similar emotional reaction to something that poses no rational treat or danger, activating the flight or fight response. These responses can be as a result of a traumatic experience, but can also be generated as a result of our thoughts.

By reducing overall anxiety and desensitising the memory templates associated with the object of the phobia, which can be anything from the more common, such as spiders, enclosed spaces and flying to the unimaginably obscure, we can change the emotional response and therefore how the mind reacts.

By using hypnotherapy phobias can usually be dealt with in three to five sessions.