Depression is becoming increasingly common in the western world and encompasses a wide range of symptoms. People suffering from depression may have some or all of these symptoms which include: a depressed mood (feeling sad or empty), loss of pleasure or interest, loss of energy, difficulty focusing, low self esteem, significant weight loss or gain, sleep problems, inability to concentrate, inappropriate thoughts of death.

It is widely accepted that negative thought is the root cause of depression. Hypnosis, combined with solution based therapy has proven to be extremely effective in helping with depression – by making positive changes we can help clients to escape from the shackles of negativity.

The emphasis is on helping you to understand how the mind works, why you feel the way you do and reducing anxiety through hypnosis. By helping you to deal with the causes, challenging your negative thought patterns, and helping you to rediscover how you want your life to be, we can work together to devise strategies to allow you to move forward in a positive way with hope and optimism.

I would normally expect to require 8 to 10 sessions for depression.

Anxiety and Stress are equally as common as depression, and share a common cause in our negative thought patterns.

In today’s society we all encounter a degree of stress, and providing the levels are not too high we can deal with it, however when the levels become too high we are not able to cope, causing reactions such as panic attacks, IBS, headaches, OCD, skin disorders, infertility, loss of confidence and self-esteem and much more.

Anxiety is something that we can learn to control, by understanding how the mind works and changing the negative thought patterns, hypnotherapy can reduce the effects of anxiety considerably.
On average this requires 6 to 8 sessions.