90% of people will sometime in their life suffer back pain and 67% will suffer from neck pain!

People just put up with having muscular aches and pains but why should they! It ceases to amaze me how many people come to me for treatment as a last resort having tolerated pain and discomfort for many years.

Neck and back pain can cause headaches, dont reach for the pills get it sorted naturally.

It is also worth remembering that our muscular and skeletal systems throughout our bodies are interconnected. For example, a person with an injury in one leg will often put more weight on the other causing them to move in an unnatural way. This can then damage muscles in other parts of the body.

With my extensive knowledge of how the body works I work on the whole body and not just the bit that hurts to get effective results.


“I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the neck and could hardly move my head from side to side; I also had pain inmy shoulders. In January 2007 this led me to Ann. After three sessions of massage and reflexology I could fully turn left and right, the pain was gone. It sounds over dramatic to say that Ann changed part of my life, but she was the catalyst for that change”-John (Bristol)

“You treat everyone as individual” – Joanna

“She has a professionalism and charisma that is second to none. You immediately feel at ease with her” – Mary

“I find that Ann recognises that often there is no one solution and is able to use her skills to provide an all round approach”- Audrey

“I always feel so much better afterwards! Ann is warm, friendly and approachable” – Jules

“After only two treatments I was a lot better. I call Ann as soon as I feel ill” – Joanna C

“My general health and well being has definitely improved”- Mary

“Anns mix of massage and reflexology helped my painful shoulder and inspired me to take up exercise again after a 15 year gap” – John